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Welcome to my music page. Here, you will find a collection of my instrumental guitar pieces. They source from a variety of inspirations and each describe a particular place and time. I hope you enjoy them.


"Bistro Fada" - Stephan Wrembel's theme to Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris (home-made video)

Featured tunes:

"Earth Beyond"

"The Bermuda Love Triangle"


"Control" - Home made video

"Into the Sun" - To my friends, Max, Avi, and Nis (home-made video)

To my beautiful wife, Marianna:

"Once Upon a Bridge"

"Однажды на Мосту" Video

The melody becomes consciousness. It is when the melody makes sense to the observer that this consciousness arises. It is intelligent. It can tell a story of fiction, truth, past, or future. It can calm, energize, heal, inspire, or transform the listener. Let us enjoy beautiful melodies and make best use of their uniform vibrations.